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We specialise in DOT-tyres and demotyres and also have brand new tyres in stock.
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Tyresale specialises in DOT-tyres and demo tyres. Furthermore, Tyresale has lots of brand new tyres in stock.

The so called demo tyres are manufacturers original equipment. In other words, those tyres comply with the highest quality standards. Demo tyres are put onto brandnew cars at the factory but are only used for very short distances. From a quality perspective those tyres are among the best on the market.

A demo tyre has only been used for a maximum of 500 metres and thus can be considered new. All demo tyres undergo an additional quality check. Despite that, Tyresale offers demo tyres for a sharper price than new regular tyres.

Buying tyres from Tyresale means buying the best tyre for the best price.
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